Global artisans create beautiful upcycled lampshades

A unique upcycle project is spreading across the globe and in its wake we are getting to enjoy the beauty that is the finished project.


PET Lamp project constantly think about their aim, which is “to think about the validity of the object over the long term and to avoid it becoming obsolete after only a few minutes.” Reuse is truly more important than recycling and this is an initiative that they are embracing with the reuse of PET plastic bottles.


Four years ago, saw the birth of the PET Lamp project in Spain. Their global expansion had them travelling to the Cauca region of beautiful Colombia in 2012. It was here that they collaborated with the indigenous people of the area who had been displaced by guerrilla war. Together with cast off PET bottles and the use of traditional crafts and material, the people created a beautiful lampshade that is inspired by the Colombian culture.reclaimed-lightingThe following year they set their eyes on central Chile and created the Chimbarongo collection. The simple craftsmanship by the wicker artisans created magical lampshades that were then paired with the energy-efficient Plumen 001 bulb.


Pet Lamp 


The continent of Africa was the next stop in 2014 and the PET Lamp project travelled to Ethiopia. There they collaborated with local artisans to create their latest collection, Abyssinia. This collection combines stunning local patterns, bold colours and heavy, opaque material. All culminating into truly magnificent lampshades.


The entire PET Lamp collection is truly beautiful with stunning vibrant colours that will add the perfect touch to any home or office. You will also be content in the knowledge that you are fighting the huge problem of PET bottles in your small way.


Visit their website and start exploring their shop, the only hard decision you will have to make is deciding which lamps you want to buy.

Images via: PET Lamp
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