Coloured pencils are upcycled into unique jewellery

You may not be colouring in anymore, but these unique pieces of jewellery made from upcycled coloured pencils will ensure you remain young at heart every time you look at them.

What happens to those little stubs of coloured pencils, when they have been sharpened to the brink of being useless? The obvious and most common answer would that they get tossed in the trash unless of course you are a very creative jewellery designer you thinks of a completely new use for them.




Maria Cristina Bellucci has completely transformed the ordinary coloured pencil into one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces of jewellery. The unique forming process of the jewellery reveals the wood and coloured lead interiors giving each piece a unique look.


Check out the full range of exquisite, upcycled coloured pencil jewellery on her site.

A select few of her more recent pieces are available for sale on her online shop. The pieces definitely don’t come cheap, ranging between €55 – €260 (approximately AU$82 – AU$384 ) while one necklace, made up of 24 individual coloured pencil spheres will set you back €2,000 (approximately AU$2,954).

If you are feeling generous though, any of the pieces would make a fantastic gift for that special person who would love the idea of some upcycled art on her finger, wrist or neck.

Images via Maria Cristina Bellucci Jewellery
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