Calling All Sellers: It’s Nearly Time for the Garage Sale Trail

Garage Sale Trail has been happening for a few years, but this year, it’s really starting to gain momentum. On October 25, sellers, buyers, makers and creators will open up their garage doors (or homes) to like-minded lads and lasses across the country. It’s a nationwide program that aims to promote sustainability and community, whilst also creating a market for upcycling and recycling. Recent figures suggest that upcycling has contributed over $10million per year to Sydney’s economy alone – which helps to save the equivalent of 747 shipping containers full of stuff from going into landfill, instead, allowing everyday things like tables, chairs, vases, photographs, paintings and virtually anything else you can think of be transformed into something new. The sale is also exactly the same as regular garage sales: if you have anything old or that just doesn’t fit into your home anymore, you can sell it. Ever heard the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? Duh, of course you have!


The basic premise of the Garage Sale Trail is as simple as can be. It’s open to buyers, sellers, makers, creators as well as people who just want to have a look around. Everyone can get involved – you can set up a solo sale, or set up a group sale. Basically, whoever you are and whatever you want to sell or buy, the Garage Sale Trail can help.

We probably don’t need to tell you about the benefits of these kinds of sales, but we’ll tell you anyway! Not only does it help to massively reduce landfill waste, but it also helps to promote the idea that we can reuse, recycle and upcycle previously unloved goods and give them a new home or transform them and repurpose them into something entirely new. It’s also a great way to generate funds either for yourself, or for charity, and to meet your neighbours. Many of us are much more introverted than we used to be and we’re less likely to have relationships with the rest of the people on our street. These kinds of campaigns and projects can all help to bring us together, creating tight-knit communities once more.


So how can you take part? It’s pretty easy, actually. If you’re a seller and you want to add your garage sale to the trail, click here to register your sale. You should add photos and as much detail about your sale as possible as it’ll increase the likelihood that your sale will get more views and therefore more visitors on the big day. If you have stuff that you want to sell, list it – potential buyers can search the site for items that they might want to buy and can then add your home to their very own Garage Sale Treasure Trail!

Garage Sale Trail

Get involved and register your sale today. Don’t forget – for the most sales, get set up for 9am. And if you don’t sell everything? Give it to charity or pop it on an auction site.

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