Back to nature – Honeycomb and Grass inspired footwear

Want a pair of shoes inspired by bees and nature? Well you have come to the right place.

Inspired by a honeycomb image, Pharrell knew he had found the latest inspiration for the fourth collaboration between Timberland and Bee Line for Billionaires Boys Club.

The end product is a 6-inch Honeycomb boot, containing the actual image that started Pharrell’s inspiration. Do not be deterred if the honeycomb-inspired boot isn’t to your liking, you can stick with a nature-inspired boot and get the 6-inch Grass boot.

Not only are they inspired by images of nature, but they are also good for nature. The truly unique boots are made from durable Bionic Canvas, which contains 50% organic cotton and 38% recycled PET.

These nature inspired and nature friendly boots are a limited release and unfortunately for the men they’re only available for the ladies.


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