3 ideas to bring some greenery into your home

So you have decided on some much-needed greenery for you home, but rather than the conventional ‘plant stuck in pot’ you want some different and a little more unique.


Well, you have come to the right place. These upcycled planter ideas, using everything from old crates to wine corks to tins, will provide you with some fantastic inspiration.


Turn an old wine crate into a herb garden


For those that have limited space (i.e. no garden and only a small balcony) then look no further than an old wine crate to use as the perfect place to plant some herbs (main image). This raised bed garden will take up minimal space, yet provide you with fresh herbs for dinner for a limited amount of work.


While the upcycled wine crate makes the perfect spot to grow some herbs, it is also great for a few vegetables, or add a spot of colour to your balcony with some seasonal flowers.


All you need is a drill, some sealant and be ready to get your fingers a little dirty. Check out the easy step-by-step instructions on Life on the Balcony.


Always killing your houseplants? We have the solution.


For those of you lacking green fingers, the thought of having a houseplant probably scares you to death. If the last few failed attempts are anything to go by, you should probably be kept far away from any plant. But don’t deter, you can still have some beautiful greenery in your home without going through the constant worry of whether you have fed it enough, too much, does it need food, is it in too much sun, etc.


Enter Tillandsia, or more commonly known as an air plant. That’s right these tiny plants get their water and nutrients directly from the air. As long as they are planted in the perfect vessel to suit them, they receive a weekly light misting, then the likelihood of you killing this one is slim.


wine corks


Now that we found you the perfect plant, we also have the perfect upcycled vessel to place them into. Old champagne and wine corks have been upcycled to create the perfect little ‘pots’ for your air plants.


All you need is a good supply of wine and champagne corks (start drinking), a paring knife with a steady hand and a small magnet. The easy step-by-step instructions can be found on Rue Now.


Upcycle your used tin cans


Can holder


Using used tin cans as plant holders are a great way to recycle and upcycle them into something new. Go a step further and place them into a macrame hanger, or create your own, and they become the perfect solution for your plants, especially if space is tight. Use the tins just as they are or add a spot of colour to them to bring them alive.


There are a variety of ideas on this Etsy page to inspire you.


Images via: Life on the Balcony, Etsy, Pinterest
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