15 everyday furniture hacks to create amazing kid’s bedrooms

Kids grow up so fast and stuff they love today is a distant memory tomorrow. Decorating your kid’s room as they grow older does not have to cost a fortune. Simply repurposing old items, like toys, can make them fall in love with them again.

Here are 15 great ideas to help you find creative ideas for decorating your kid’s bedrooms.

Funky DIY pencil holders made from shampoo bottles

Instead of throwing old shampoo bottles into the recycle bin (hopefully) or the rubbish, rather make these awesome pencil holders for the kids (main image). With just a few extra materials, you can really let your creativity shine. Better yet, you can do the cutting and then your kids can let their creativity shine.

For step-by-step instructions to make your kids their own monster pencil holders go to Useful DIY.

Jigsaw puzzle artwork

puzzle artwork

We all have that one puzzle that has either seen better days or is missing a few pieces and no longer gets played with. This DIY idea is not only a way to decorate your kid’s bedroom, but also allows you to upcycle those forgotten puzzle pieces stuck at the back of a cupboard. All you need is a canvas and some glue and you can start sticking.

Check out more photos on Baby Eco Chic.

Car and Lamp Upcycled

Light the room with a toy lamp

While the examples shown on London-designer Ryan McElhinney’s site are created by a talented and creative person, there is no reason why you couldn’t do something similar. Instead of throwing away broken toys, or having a bunch of toys laying in the toybox that never get played with, why not create a unique lamp using all the odd toys. You would need a basic lamp, a selection of toys, glue and some spray paint to create a unique lamp that is hopefully as good as a designer one.

Car-inspired mirror

This car-inspired mirror is a great way to make use of all those cars that no longer get played with, but ones that you want to keep around for a little longer. Every time your little one, or you, looks in the mirror they will be reminded of those car-playing days.

Adding some greenery to your kid’s room

dinosaur planter

The Plaid Pigeon make these novel planters using old plastic toys like dinosaurs, frogs, bears and even an armadillo. You can buy these great planters from the Plaid Pigeon Etsy page, or if you have a random plastic dinosaur lying around why not try and make your own.

Firetruck Upcycled
Upcycled firetruck & Kid’s work bench

Upcycled firetruck lamp

Another great idea for a unique lamp to light your kid’s bedroom. Whether you use a firetruck that no longer gets played with, or buy one for this specific purpose the choice is yours. Once you have your firetruck, all you need are some basic electrical skills and the end product is a unique and creative lamp. What makes this lamp really great is the ability to move the bulb around, as it is attached to the ladder, to light up any part of your kid’s desk.

Check out more details on RecyclArt.

Kid’s workbench for the tool man in your life

If you have a son, or daughter, who loves playing with a wide variety of plastic tools then why not make them their own workbench. Not only will they love it, but it can also make packing the tools away fun so they aren’t scattered around your house.

Check out the IKEA Hackers site to see how you can create your own.

DIY animal-inspired glass jars

animal glass jars

Organise your kid’s playroom or bedroom with these glass jars that have used old plastic animals and some paint to make them less boring.

Check out other storage ideas on the House to Home site.

Desk and Chalkboard
Old cribs transformed into a desk and chalkboards

An outgrown cot gets transformed into a desk

As much as you would like your baby to stay little, the day will quickly arrive when they outgrow their cot and get moved to a ‘big kids’ bed. Instead of selling the old cot there is a way it can be upcycled into a piece of furniture that your child could use for a few more years.

Follow the step-by-step instructions on Apartment Therapy to see how you can create a kid’s desk using their old cot.

Create chalkboards from pieces of your baby’s cot

Another great use for your baby’s old cot is utilising the headboard and footboard and creating chalkboards that your toddler will have plenty of fun using. It’s a great way to upcycle old furniture and keep some sentimental items around to remind you of when they were a baby.

Check out more details on Apartment Therapy.

Kitchen and Diner
Mini kitchen and diner to keep keep the kid’s entertained

A homemade kitchen for your mini chef

If you think of yourself as a pretty good DIYer and you have a little person in your life who loves to play in the kitchen, then why not create them their own. You will need a few more advanced skills when it comes to cutting wood etc., but if you can’t do it I am sure you will find someone who will help you out.

The image of Charley’s gorgeous kitchen is from Life of Lacy, but they recreated the kitchen using the instructions on Young House Love. Good luck!

Lunch is served

Kids have amazing imaginations that can keep them entertained for hours on end. This old cabinet has been given a new life as a diner where your kid can be serving up food all day long.

Follow the detailed directions on eHow to create your child their own diner. But be prepared you could be spending hours on your knees buying hamburgers and french fries through a tiny window.

Hanger and dress up
Crib wall hanger & Dress up closet

Repurpose a piece of their crib into a great wall hanger for storage

The ideas just keep coming for novel uses for pieces of that old cot sitting in the garage. This is a great idea for a wall hanger for your kid’s bedroom. Add storage containers so that they can easily get to all their favourite things at the perfect height.

Check out more ideas on the Egnash Family blog.

Dress up just got more exciting

Kids loving playing dress up, but you could make it even more exciting with their own costume closet. Keep everything in one place, from outfits to hats to jewellery to masks to accessories and more.

Rambling Renovators has more details of how you can create a costume closet for your child.

Multi-coloured poufs to keep kids entertained


Created by Nanowo Industrial Design, they aren’t just a little stool for kids to sit on, but can actually keep them entertained. Made from recycled cardboard spools, they really entertain young people’s minds, just check out the video on Nanowo’s Facebook page.

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