10 Pallet Furniture Designs

Our selection of 10 Awesome Pallet Furniture Designs to get your inspired!

1. Let’s start small with the pallet candle holder

A few pallet candle ideas

A simple idea and a really good use for weathered pallets which might not make the cut for bigger pieces.

2. Pallet planter boxes

Rustic planter box ideas

We love the rustic planter box look. It’s just a matter of picking the right size for your plants and a style to match your decor.

3. Pallet Beds now were talking

Pallet bed inspiration

So we started small but pallets are great for big. Bed heads and bases can all be made and styled for you room.

4. Move your pallet bed outside add some rope and you have your own pallet day bed

Day bed made from pallets

This has to be one of the best use for pallets if you have the space. Who doesn’t love lounging around enjoying the day.

5. So we have beds ticked off the list but what about breakfast in bed

Tray made from reclaimed pallets

Well this is not quite breakfast in bed but if you switched the laptop for pancakes it could be?

6. Pallet Chairs

Chairs made from pallets

Pallets being used as a simple building block or deconstructed and reconstructed into a master piece. Both fantastic in their own ways.

7. Pallet Couches

Get comfy on a pallet couch

If your going to have a pallet chair you may as well have a couch.

8. Pallet Feature Walls

Make a whole wall from pallets

Once again big is no problem for pallets so getting the materials to do a whole feature wall is no issue. Pallets make great screens or half walls to divide spaces also.

9. Pallet Swings

Get swinging on some pallets

If you don’t have space for a pallet day bed surely you have space for a swing.

10. Pallet Coffee Tables

Simple pallet coffee table

Stack some pallets add some caster wheels and an optional sheet of glass and walah you have a practical funky coffee table

11. Pallet Gardens

Pallet wall gardens

Ok I said 1o pallet furniture ideas but I couldn’t help throwing this in.

If  you need to get your hands on some pallets check out our guide here.

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