What is Upcycling?

Welcome to the world of Upcycling!!

If you havent heard the term before you're bound to hear a lot more of it from now on. Upcycling is not an overnight trend nor is it a new concept, simply one that many of us are gravitating towards to give our planet a little helping hand.....and because its soo dam cool!


So....what is it you ask?

Essentially Upcycling is a design solution to a Global Environmental problem, a form of Eco Design that not only minimises landfill but eliminates the need for manufacturing and consumption of new materials. So basically....not sucking our planet dry of its rapidly dwindling resources and stopping old stuff from being sent to landfill... cool huh!

We all know what recycling means…generally we are breaking down a material or product into something that is less desirable or something of lesser value. For example bricks can build a house but when they are broken down or recycled they can become gravel for landscaping or roadbase or drainage material. Upcycling on the other hand is a creative transformation of useless or discarded products into an entirely new (and cooler) product of higher value. The idea is that we dont try and hide the previous use of the product, its often left visible rather than hidden which gives Upcycled products an eclectic and unique style of their own. The Upcycling process is not a new phenomenon, the first recorded use of the term ‘Upcycling’ was in 1994 in an article in Germany however it’s only in recent years that the concept has gained real momentum and the possibilities now for designers, consumers and the planet are seemingly limitless!

Upcycling has seen significant increase in recent times, it is often practiced in third world or developing countries where recycling is not an option and new or raw materials are often expensive due largely to impoverished conditions. Even more recently in the western world Upcycling has found prominence due to the lowered cost of reused materials and the increase in consumers looking to lower their carbon footprint and make positive choices for our environment.

 Check out some of our favourite Upcycling Projects...


Upcycled Sweater Chair

 Upcycled Sweater Chair


Upcycled Cathedral Window Console Table

Upcycled Cathedral Console Table


Upcycled Pencil Necklace by Marchioni

Upcycled Marchioni Pencil Necklace


Upcycled Tyre Tables

Upcycled Tyre Tables


Upcycled Day Bed

Upcycled Day Bed


Upcycled Bike Chandelier from the Connect series by Carolina Fontourra 

Upcycled Bike Chandelier



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