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Why Shop with Upcycle STUDIO

  1. We make new stuff from old stuff

    All of Upcycle’s products are made from a combination of reclaimed, recycled and sustainable materials. By using reclaimed materials we save an enormous amount of waste entering landfill and repurpose it to make amazing things that are unique and functional. A win for the planet and a win for you!

  2. We make by hand

    The majority of Upcycle’s products are made by hand by artisans, upcyclers and craftsmen and women from around the world. By supporting handmade techniques we not only lower our carbon emissions but we acquire products that are unique and always different and provide income to small village communities and upcycle artists who are also driving positive change for our environment.

  3. We’re powered by 100% Green Energy

    We do our very best to run as economically as possible, aside from running 100% Green Energy we look for reductions in consumption, recycle everything we can, reuse wherever possible, turn off lights when not in use, and we even dig out our wooly jumpers when the chill starts to set in…it’s the little things but combined they make a big difference to our planet.

  4. We ship for Free

    Well…most things! Any purchase over $49 within Major cities of Australia are shipped free of charge because we want everyone to be able to shop Upcycled! Its our little gift to you to ensure that you always get the best products and the very best value. If youre unsure about your shipping location feel free to contact us to find out if your city applies.

  5. We dispatch within 24 hours

    We know what its like when you buy cool stuff online…who wants to wait…right? We will endeavor to dispatch all purchases within 24 hours of the transaction time to ensure that you get it in your hot little hands as quickly as possible.

  6. We give back to our Planet

    Upcycle Studio is a proud member of 1% for the Planet a global nonprofit organisation that operates on behalf of our earth. 1% of all our annual sales are donated to environmental organisations each year.

  7. We ship in Upcycled Packaging

    What kind of Upcycled specialist would we be if we tried to ship everything in pretty, glossy packaging! You never know what to expect when you receive one of our deliveries so don’t be alarmed. We accept donations of all sorts of packing materials so that no new materials are used. If you can find another use for them at the other end…great! If not recycle as much as you can and know that your entire upcycled purchase has not put any further strain on our earth….good on you…bet youre feeling pretty chuffed now huh!

  8. Every product meets our strict design & quality criteria

    There’s no point making new stuff out of old stuff if the end product is still junk! Our theory and our belief is that every product whether it be recycled, upcycled, repurposed or just handmade with natural & sustainable materials should be one of outstanding quality and designed with the end consumer in mind. A purchase at Upcycle Studio is not just a conscious purchase but one that will bring you more satisfaction and pleasure than having bought an ordinary product made of new materials. Many of our products carry warranties, some even lifetime warranties. We road-test all of our products (poor us) to make sure that you will love them just as much as we do!

  9. 14 day Money Back Guarantee

    Risk free shopping just the way we like it! We want you to be 100% happy with your purchase…if you’re not don’t sweat it, just get in contact with us and we’ll either exchange your product or give you your money back….simple as that!

  10. We offer the best brands from around the world

    You won’t find a better selection of Eco-Upcycled Brands under one roof…we know because we looked before we existed and there was no such thing. We’ve scoured the globe to find the most unique, eco-conscious and affordable products to bring to your doorstep and the very best part of Upcycled stuff is ...every product is different. It’s like slapping mass production in the face….I mean who wants to be the same anyway!

  11. We listen

    We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for great folk like yourself so give yourself a pat on the back. Welcome to the Upcycle Studio family, now that you’re part of our little community we’re all ears. We value you ALL of your feedback, good , bad and ugly! We take on board every suggestion, if you have ideas, thoughts, improvements, feedback or you just really love us or your new Upcycle Studio product make sure you let us know. We’re here and waiting!

  12. We’re forever changing

    We are adding new things all the time. Stay tuned and check in every now and then cause you just never know when the next must have piece will be posted. Many of our products are one offs or limited runs so they wont always last long so if you see something you like be quick or risk missing out.

The perfect Gift Destination

You don’t just have to be looking for an Eco-Conscious gift to buy with Upcycle STUDIO. Our products are cool regardless of their fabulous Eco qualities.

We offer a great selection of gifts for him & her as well as Gift Certificates for just about any value and can custom make hampers or gift boxes to suit any occasion.

All gifts over $99 come with complimentary gift wrapping using all recycled papers and ribbons.

Buy Eco, buy unique, buy Upcycled!

Fast & Free Shipping

When you buy something online you want it in your hot little hands fast! We know this because we expect the very same thing which is why we ship all of our orders out with lightning speed! All orders are lovingly packed and dispatched within 24 hours of purchase.

Orders over $49 are shipped freeee! We ship to all major cities around Australia at absolutely no charge…our little thankyou to you for shopping Upcycled and supporting our planet . If you live out in the outback or somewhere far….far away from civilization check in with us and we’ll work out if shipping applies for your area and perhaps we can pop in for a cup of tea when we’re out your way next?

Packaging…schmackaging…the electrical and whitegoods manufacturers live and breathe polystyrene and plastic. When you buy from us don’t be alarmed by the random parcel that turns up on your doorstep! We Upcycle all of our packaging and accept donations of boxes & packing materials from good folk like yourself. We make every effort not to buy or produce any new packing materials so that we’re not burdening the environment anymore than absolutely necessary.