Plastic-Free July

Join us, the Upcycle Studio Team, and cut out your single plastic-use for the month of July!

It is amazing (and absolutely horrifying!) how much plastic we got through on a daily basis without evening realising! It isn't until you try and consciously go plastic-free that you realise the enormity of the plastic issue.

However, by participating in Plastic-Free July, you may create better, permanent habits and alternatives to using single-use plastic!

We can provide you with alternative goods (without the plastic-guilt) at Upcycle Studio.

This can include switching from plastic bags to our funky reusable bags, plastic straws to stylish stainless steel or bamboo straws, and disposable coffee cups to reusable coffee cups such as KeepCups or Frank Green Smart Cups. Plastic water bottles swapped for Corkcicle Stainless Steel Water Bottles or S'Well Water Bottles! The alternatives are endless!

Some of our much love brands include Frank Green, KeepCup, Flip &amp Tumble, Joseph Joseph, U-Konserve,

The Earth gives us life and yet we insist on continuously polluting it. So go on and give some love back to the planet and join us in Plastic-Free July!

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